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A new spin on the classic Brothers Grimm story.

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Joseph Masson as Hansel.

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Sarah Charles Lewis as Gretel.


The Story

When impoverished, 13-year-old Gretel learns her stepmom is a witch, she must join her skeptical brother Hansel on a quest to the Millhouse to uncover the mysterious truth about their family.

Written by: Alex Preston

Music & Lyrics by: Brad Bass & Cari Joy

Original Score by: David Lane



Gretel & Hansel is more than just a bedtime story.

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On January 5 2018, Gretel and Hansel: A New Musical was selected as a quarter-finalist for the Screencraft Film Fund.

For the full list of accepted quarter-finalist titles, CLICK HERE.

Written by: Alex Preston

Music and Lyrics by: Brad Bass & Cari Joy